This whitepaper on the HSG Physician Network Life Cycle provides a framework for tackling appropriate management challenges given the current growth trajectory of your Employed Physician Network, as well as providing a longer-term path for evolving the capabilities of the network to position it for success in a value-focused healthcare industry. Through the HSG Physician Network Life Cycle, we outline the six stages of evolution for Employed Physician Networks and the capabilities management should be looking to build and ingrain into the organization at each stage.   For physician network executives, the keys to successfully evolving the network across the stages of the life cycle are:

  • Tailoring management Day-to-Day Actions to the reality of needs of the current stage.
  • Performing Next Stage Preparations for developing the competencies that the group must possess to be successful in the next stage of the Life Cycle.
  • Distilling down the totality of the actions required into the Network Development Action Plan that ensures both the short-term and long-term needs of the group are being met.

HSG works with health systems across the country to build high-performing physician networks.
We want to help your network build the long-term plan that positions it to evolve through the Physician Network Life Cycle and develop the competencies it needs.

Physician Network Life Cycle: Building the Plan to Evolve Your Network